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 "Tell 'em Who We Are!"


photo: Alan L. Mayor
Kinky Friedman, President/CEO and
Kacey Jones, Executive Vice President/Producer.

Our #1 banner waves proudly in front of our Nashville office!

The Kinkster showing off his new CD
at J & R Music World in Manhattan.
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Official office mascot Peanut
"The Hero Dog" Jones

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Peanut "The Hero Dog" Jones



The Story of Kinkajou Records

Kinkajou Records, Inc., located in Nashville, Tennessee is owned and operated by CEO/President, Kinky Friedman, and Executive Vice President/Producer, Kacey Jones. Kinky and Kacey established Kinkajou in the midst of recording the label's debut release, "Pearls in the Snow, The Songs of Kinky Friedman." Says Kacey, "We knew about halfway through the "Pearls" project that we had a very special album in the works. We also knew that nobody was going to care about it as much as we did, that's why we established the label."
Kinkajou Records has several exciting new projects in the works. Stay tuned to this website for announcements regarding future releases.

Captain Midnight's version of the story.

once upon a star-crossed time, kacey jones asked kinky friedman the innocent question, "what ever happened to all those great songs you wrote?" to which he answered, in a highly agitated tone... "nothing." at the time, the term 'songwriter' had become an asterisk in kinky's bio, right after author/performer. kacey replied, "i'd like to give it a try." it was like judy garland saying to mickey rooney, "hey, let's put on a show!" kacey is a true pro...a songwriter, recording artist, and boss of her own publishing and production companies. "as a producer," kinky says, "she's got great ears and large breasts. she is so good you would think she's a guy." kacey replies, "thank you, you whining little weenie." a magical rapport.
kacey took this gig on a wing and a prayer. she hopscotched across the land chasing the galaxy of all-stars...recording them where they were comfortable. her life was a blur of planes, taxicabs, and rental cars. it was session after session in recording studios from austin, to l.a., to nashville. it was hotels, fast food, catnaps on couches, and listening and listening and listening. a dream project with nightmare tendencies. as she completed the process of stringing kinky's pearls together, kacey was offered the chance to record her own album, "men are some of my favorite people." this unforgettable piece of work is available on MCG/curb records.
"pearls in the snow" is the album that will add the name 'kacey jones' to an elite short list of record producers who have managed to record so many legends in such a short time. mission accomplished, kacey figures she wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience... and wouldn't pay two cents to do it again. at least not until the next time.

captain midnight
nashville 1999

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Kinkajou Records, P.O. Box 121253, Nashville, TN 37212

Nationally Distributed by Select-O-Hits (Memphis, TN)